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5 Nature-Oriented Principles

I work according to the 5 nature-oriented principles as described by the BATC organization at the bottom of this page. These principles make sure that the client is treated in a holistic manner.  Energy is the basic principle and the remaining principles are directly influenced by this one.

BATC Therapist | Insurance Reimbursement


If alternative medicine is included in your health package, you will likely be able to receive partial coverage. Check, or contact your insurance provider to see if you receive coverage for my treatments.


Legal Complaint Number  16021921
AGB Healthcare Number   90103981
KvK Number                        65172493

BATC Number                     br-02330

Treatment codes                 24012 or 24005 

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5 Nature-Oriented Principles

Everything in and around us consists of energy.  There is energy in material things, like in our body, but also in everything we cannot see with the bare eye; like empty space around us.  Energy streams in and around our body are necessary for us to function. With a shortage of energy, our system cannot work optimally and the nervous system does not receive enough information which can cause a disruption in organs and tissues.  When such blockages occur in the energy stream, this can lead to emotional and physical complaints.  It is, therefore, a priority to remove energetic blockages and add energy where needed.  Without energy, healing cannot occur. 


Transfer of Vibrations
Energy flow happens in all layers of our system. The nervous system, one of these layers, is often referred to as the communication network of our body. The brain communicates with the rest of the body via impulses (vibrations). If the transfer of impulses functions well, the signals are transmitted and energy blockages can be traced. Without a proper transfer of these vibrations functions in the human system can stagnate. 


Throughout our life, toxins accumulate in our body and energy field. These toxins pollute our body and on a daily base we use up a lot of energy to drain these toxins. If these toxins can’t be drained properly, it disturbs the functions of our system which may slow down the healing processes in our body. It is important to clear toxins regularly.  


To function in an optimal way good nutrition is necessary.  Shortages could lead to all kinds of complaints and sicknesses. Good nutrition doesn't only mean healthy food but also food that is healthy for you in that moment. Good mental nutrition is just as important, our mental processes can either limit us from getting healthy or reinforce health. It is therefore important to become aware of these processes and try to make changes were needed. 


The Art of Life
Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic aspects of human beings are connected with each other and influence one another. Aside from physical well-being, it is also important to look at emotional and behavioral patterns. By becoming aware of ridge patterns and changing them you can start to let go of things that might be in the way of your healing process.

Methods & Fees


I studies Reiki, The Ilan Lev Method, Focusing Oriented Therapy and have completed CIPON Medical Knowledge..  Together, they form a holistic view of health according to the 5 principles described below. The treatment has been proven to be efficient with physical complaints, injuries, and burnouts; reducing levels of stress and past trauma.  Generally, clients experience a greater level of peace and joy, relief from pain, and strong integration of the heightened emotions they've held onto so that they can see themselves and life clearly again.

Intake and Bodywork Session €165 

Follow Up Session €125

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